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Opening Hours : Monday to Saturday - 8am to 5pm

As one of the world’s leading supply chain management companies, NotableLogistics designs and implements industry leading solutions in both freight management and contract logistics.

In the Americas Africa and Europe, we have approximately 340 employees and operate in 14 site locations across the Globe. We are dedicated to delivering effective and robust supply chain solutions across a variety of industry sectors, including Automotive, Consumer & Retail, Energy, Healthcare, Industrial and Technology.

We listen to each customer, take pride in being flexible and agile and design a creative solution to meet your every unique need. Whether it’s an ‘off the shelf’ service, an offering from our standardized solutions or a completely bespoke service, designed just for you, NotableLogistics has a solution to suit.

We can help you turn your supply chain into a real strategic advantage. At every step we ensure world class quality by testing ourselves, against our operational excellence focus and LEAN program of continuous improvement and, above all, against our customers’ expectations and the commitments we have made.

Contact us today to find out what we can do for you.

[services_box title=”OUR MISSION” text=”To partner with clients & other stakeholders to deliver end-to-end supply chain, best practices and solutions in a timely and secure manner at competitive rates.” icon=”thumbs-o-up” iconstyle=”alternative” align=”icontitlecenterparagraphleft”]
[services_box title=”OUR PHILOSOPHY” text=”Our Vision Is To Be a Household Name And a Leading Logistics Provider In North America Europe And Africa” icon=”arrows-alt” iconstyle=”alternative” align=”icontitlecenterparagraphleft”]

Our Journey

[chronologyyears bgcolor=”#ffffff”][chronologyyears_item year=”1988″][chronologyyears_item year=”1990″][chronologyyears_item year=”1995″][chronologyyears_item year=”1998″][chronologyyears_item year=”2003″][chronologyyears_item year=”2007″][chronologyyears_item year=”2016″][/chronologyyears]
[chronologyitem year=”- 1988,” chronologytext=”In Ontario, Canada A dream is Born with 6 Employees” percent=”6″ textcolor=”#ffffff”]
[chronologyitem year=”- 1992,” chronologytext=”Our Presence is Felt in Spain to represent Europe bring our branches to 3″ percent=”20″ textcolor=”#ffffff”]
[chronologyitem year=”- 1998,” chronologytext=”We Extend to Ghana Africa, Precious Minerals is added to our Portfolio.” percent=”38″ textcolor=”#ffffff”]
[chronologyitem year=”- 1999,” chronologytext=”Asia is our Home, Hurray. We also added Diplomatic Pouches to our item lists.” percent=”53″ textcolor=”#ffffff”]
[chronologyitem year=”- 20010,” chronologytext=”We are now Officially in 22 countries” percent=”80″ textcolor=”#ffffff”]
[chronologyitem year=”- 2018,” chronologytext=”We are awarded CIMAG Best Logistics company Africa” percent=”100″ textcolor=”#ffffff”]

Notable Logistics Company is a well-established company, as from 1999, dealing in all aspects of Shipping: Logistics, Projects and Relocations and can offer a variety of all related services to foreign companies operating in North America, Europe and Africa. Notable Logistics is well experienced in all aspects of the shipping business and is highly acquainted with port operations around the world. We are well vested in specialized deliveries including those of Dipomatic nature as well as personalized transport of precious metals.

[numbermator title=”Total Partner Ofiices” number=”256″ numbercolor=”#a3a3a3″ textcolor=”#a3a3a3″]
[numbermator title=”Awards and Citations” number=”154″ numbercolor=”#a3a3a3″ textcolor=”#a3a3a3″]
[numbermator title=”Packages Delivered” number=”5086″ numbercolor=”#a3a3a3″ textcolor=”#a3a3a3″]
[numbermator title=”Diplomatic Pouch Completed” number=”919″ numbercolor=”#a3a3a3″ textcolor=”#a3a3a3″]
[numbermator title=”Countries we’ve Delivered to” number=”76″ numbercolor=”#a3a3a3″ textcolor=”#a3a3a3″]
[numbermator title=”Total Customers Served” number=”4706″ numbercolor=”#a3a3a3″ textcolor=”#a3a3a3″]