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NotableLogistics follows the simple philosophy of “It all begins and ends with transportation”. You can host the best event in the world inside the confines of your venue but if your clients have a bad experience arriving and/or departing then the whole experience and reputation of the event could be jeopardized – after all, the journey home is the last memory of the event and we want to help you ensure your event is remembered for the right reasons.

Contact NotableLogistics to make your transportation plan the one that people remember as being seamless from start to finish, including pre-journey planning and booking, real-time travel information along the way and on the ground operations including parking and permitting. By drawing on our global experience and utilizing the latest technologies, NotableLogistics is your ‘go to’ resource in developing efficient, cost effective and reliable transportation solutions for you and your clients.

Improve your entire transportation process once you monitor and manage inbound freight shipments.

At NotableLogistics, our focus is to optimize freight cost savings and maintain successful on-time pick ups and deliveries for your business . Managing your own inbound shipments can bring immediate freight savings, but the most significant advantage from NotableLogistics Inbound Supply Chain solution is the overall increase in control of your supply chain needs.

90 percent of shipping executives report inefficiencies in their inbound processes. Shippers can often overpay on inbound shipments due to inability to track freight in real time and gain full transparency into rates. It is important to build reliable relationships with your vendors to help support the importance of efficient inbound freight management.

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Specialized Shipping

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Flatbed Shipping

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Flatbed Shipping


Transport all of your attendees in style.  Carey features specialized pricing and site inspection logistics to organizations for their corporate events.  When we transport the entire sales team for an F500 company, we take every measure to ensure that all equipment utilized and service providers are safe, clean and in top operating condition.  We also customize shuttle programs for dine-arounds and hotel stays. Additional features include:

  • Access to world-class motorcoaches, mini-buses, and vans
  • Meticulous route planning and vehicle management to assure on-time performance
  • If requested, Carey will also coordinate customized vehicle signage to make the transportation for your event a marketing opportunity as well