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Less-than Truck Load (LTL) – Finding Savings in Your Transportation Patterns

Managing your loads through our LTL service is the perfect way to optimize your domestic supply chain. NotableLogistics offers co-load and consolidation LTL services to reduce your cost and improve your distribution pipeline.
Bringing experience, creativity and insight to your less-than-truckload shipping challenges, we step in to coordinate and add value at every turn. Services include:

  • Seamless account management
  • Cross-border LTL services
  • Spot rates
  • Invoice auditing
  • Comprehensive reporting
  • Online rating
  • Expedited service available
  • Customized customer portals

Shipping Truckloads

When you book full truckload shipments with us you benefit from the same extensive network of transportation partnerships that have been established to help make CSA a leading Canada/USA less than truckload (LTL) company.

[feature_box style=”horizontal” designstyle=”custom” imageposition=”left” textspositon=”left” featureimage=”1695″ title=”Full TruckLoad Shipping” text=”CSA moves 50+ truckloads of consolidated LTL freight throughout Canada, and the USA each month between our 11 LTL distribution centres. As a large truckload equipment buyer, we have the volume pricing in place to secure great rates for truckload shipping while ensuring you receive a worry-free experience backed by NotableLogistics’ renowned customer service and support.” texttwo=”Does your truckload shipment require multiple drops? Do need trans-loading of cargo from a container to a dry van for delivery from Port to Door? Are you shipping equipment for a special project? Let us show you what we can do for shipping within Canada, the USA, and in between.” icon=”shield” buttontitle=”MORE” buttonlink=””][feature_box style=”horizontal” designstyle=”custom” imageposition=”right” textspositon=”left” featureimage=”1693″ title=”LTL Shipping Services” text=”As one of the leading LTL trucking companies, CSA moves 700+ trailers of LTL freight per month, network wide. We provide scheduled LTL shipping services with daily departures for Canada USA LTL and highly-competitive pricing for shipping LTL freight Canada and the United States with transit times you can count on. Connect with us now about your next shipment!” texttwo=”Shipping between Northeastern US and Canada has never been easier and more cost-effective. If you require shipping from New Jersey to Canada we’d be happy to show you what we can do!” icon=”road” buttontitle=”MORE” buttonlink=””]

Truckload tracking capabilities

NotableLogistics developed PLS PRO, a TMS that is scalable, customizable and user-friendly. The technology seamlessly integrates with your existing business systems and saves you time and money. Our innovative, proprietary TMS is designed to optimize shipments, consolidate billing and gain visibility into freight moves, performance and cost.

Thanks to advanced technology software Macro Point integrated into our TMS, you have access to high-end tracking features, including:

  • Real-time multimodal visibility
  • Automated status updates
  • Advanced search and filtering
  • Carrier performance reporting
  • Temperature monitoring for refrigerated shipments

Through seamless integration with PLS PRO, MacroPoint reduces the need for truckers to check in with dispatchers, and for shippers and brokers to call carriers.

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Dry Van Freight Services

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Refrigerated Shipping

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Specialized Shipping

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Flatbed Shipping

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