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[translogistic_departments carousel=”false” columns=”2″][translogistic_departments_item title=”Hellen Bottis:Group Managing Director/C E O” text=”Helen has been on the NotableLogistics Supply Chain Divisional Board since 2014. Helen had spells as VP, Solution Design, VP, Consumer and Retail Operations, and President, Americas, Consumer and Life Sciences. She has also been the Americas Supply Chain CEO, and most recently held the post of Chairman and CEO for Williams Lea. In addition to an MBA she holds a BSc in operations management.” buttontitle=”” departmentimage=”1826″ icon=”contact” iconcolor=”#ffffff” titlecolor=”#1e73be” textcolor=”#8224e3″ buttoncolor=”#dd3333″][translogistic_departments_item title=”Dennis Wilkinson:Executive Director(North America)” text=”Mr. Wilkinson, Experienced and skilled Shipping Specialist had 31 years of experience in Shipping Industry & 3 years working experience as Port Manager.” buttontitle=”” departmentimage=”1829″ icon=”CONTACT” designstyle=”themetwocolor” iconcolor=”#ffffff” titlecolor=”#1e73be” textcolor=”#8224e3″ buttoncolor=”#dd3333″][/translogistic_departments][translogistic_departments carousel=”false” columns=”2″][translogistic_departments_item title=”PAUL ASARE ANSAH: General Manager (Operations, Ghana)” text=”Meet Our Africa Head:Department of Shipping and Logistics.He had a career of 20 years in the Distribution Logistics industry.” buttontitle=”” departmentimage=”1742″ icon=”contact” titlecolor=”#1e73be” textcolor=”#8224e3″ buttoncolor=”#dd3333″][translogistic_departments_item title=”Patrick Kelleher: CDO, Supply Chain(Spain)” text=”Patrick is responsible for driving the global growth agenda of our Supply Chain. Joining NotableLogistics in 1992, Patrick is now Europe Manager. Patrick holds a BA in Logistics from John Carroll University.” buttontitle=”” departmentimage=”1843″ icon=”contact” titlecolor=”#1e73be” textcolor=”#8224e3″ buttoncolor=”#dd3333″][/translogistic_departments][translogistic_departments carousel=”false” columns=”2″][translogistic_departments_item title=”Darryl Morning, Operations Director” text=”Darryl manages all Special and Diplomatic operations within the US,Canada,Africa and The Middle East as well as central functional teams supporting the entire Americas region. His previous experience included 14 years with US Foodservice, ultimately as VP, Operations, for the Southwest region. He holds a bachelor’s degree in business administration.” buttontitle=”” departmentimage=”1850″ icon=”contact” titlecolor=”#1e73be” textcolor=”#8224e3″ buttoncolor=”#dd3333″][translogistic_departments_item title=”Yin Zou, CEO Greater China, (Asia) ” text=”As a native Chinese resident, Yin Zou graduated from Beijing University with double major degrees in Chemistry, Economic, and a minor in Law. He also obtained an MBA degree from the University of Oxford.” buttontitle=”” departmentimage=”1851″ icon=”contact” titlecolor=”#1e73be” textcolor=”#8224e3″ buttoncolor=”#dd3333″][/translogistic_departments]