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Opening Hours : Monday to Saturday - 8am to 5pm

Working closely with our customers comes as second nature. Our whole operation is about integrating our business with yours to create that seamless transition down the supply chain, providing exceptional quality every step of the way. We see our relationships with our clients as partnerships, working together as one team to achieve one common goal and focusing on the same priorities.

[icon_list title=”AUTOMOTIVE LOGISTICS” text=”“I just wanted to send you a quick note to say thanks for getting the cars and the parts to our Al Ramoul operation two days ahead of schedule, and for all your help making sure the process went smoothly.“” icon=”bus” iconsize=”big” iconcolor=”#0ba6dd” titlecolor=”#0ba6dd” textcolor=”#858585″ titlefontsize=”18px” textfontsize=”14.5px” customclass=”marginbottom30px”]
[icon_list title=”CONTRACT LOGISTICS” text=”“This is to inform you that retail warehouse conversion for the Yas store has been successfully achieved. Special thanks to our 3PL partner and our silent teams for this important step.“” icon=”shield” iconsize=”big” iconcolor=”#0ba6dd” titlecolor=”#0ba6dd” textcolor=”#858585″ titlefontsize=”18px” textfontsize=”14.5px” customclass=”marginbottom30px”]
[icon_list title=”OFFICE RELOCATIONS” text=”“Special thanks to you and the team for carrying out the work with enthusiasm and professionalism. In the adverse situation with rains on, it was good to see the agility with which your people carried out the work “” icon=”external-link-square” iconsize=”big” iconcolor=”#0ba6dd” titlecolor=”#0ba6dd” textcolor=”#858585″ titlefontsize=”18px” textfontsize=”14.5px” customclass=”marginbottom30px”]
[icon_list title=”CORPORATE TRANSPORTATION” text=”“Testimonial from Al-Futtaim Motors for the honesty of shuttle service driver Naseer Naz in returning a customer’s wallet found on the bus. We would like to commend your driver for being honest.”” icon=”cube” iconsize=”big” iconcolor=”#0ba6dd” titlecolor=”#0ba6dd” textcolor=”#858585″ titlefontsize=”18px” textfontsize=”14.5px” customclass=”marginbottom30px”]
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For more answers, information or to let us know how we can serve you better, please do not hesitate to contact us.

We operate efficiently and assume the administrative as well as the physical roles of delivery. By providing a reliable service, with fixed costs and expertise to obtain the lowest costs for delivery, we routinely lower our clients’ delivery costs.

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[testimonial_modern column=”2″ carousel=”false” dotscolor=”none”][testimonial_modern_item image=”1638″ style=”alternative” name=”Sean Hamilton,” company=”Operations Manager – GBM (IBM)” contentmodern=”“Thank you for all your support in 2017. Your team worked magnificently all through the year and especially at year end“” customclass=”animate anim-fadeInLeft animate-delay-0-25″][testimonial_modern_item image=”1637″ style=”alternative” name=”Service Manager, Al-Futtaim Marine” company=”Specialty Chemicals Manufacturer & Supplier.” contentmodern=”“Thanks again for your time and the kind reception, the interesting presentation and discussions, the drive and visit to the warehouse where our material is stored. Al-Futtaim is clearly a top class company striving for the highest standards in all it does. We look forward to working with you.“” customclass=”animate anim-fadeInRight animate-delay-0-50″][/testimonial_modern]


[testimonial_block][testimonial_block_item col1name=”Maria & Allen” col1company=”Ottilies, Christchurch” col1contentblock=”Highly recommend Mark and Megalodon! He was able at short notice to move some furniture from my Mum’s house to her new care home. He arrived on time and along with Kenny was quick and efficient. Mum was pleased to see her own things when she moved from hospital to her new room, helping to make the transition nicer for her ? Thanks for your help with this” col2name=”Ajay Ruia” col2company=”Drew Brady Company Inc” col2contentblock=”We at Drew Brady Company Inc. have had the pleasure of working with NotableLogistics for 6 years now! Though we started with just web fulfillment, we were impressed by the quality and reliability of services, we moved our entire wholesale business to them. The difference between other providers and NotableLogistics is real — tech savvy, timely shipping/ deliveries and communication. Most importantly, any concerns are promptly and fairly addressed. Our business has grown at over 150% a year and we are thrilled to have been a contributor in NotableLogistics growth. We look forward to continuing the relationship.” col3name=”Douglas Dussault” col3company=”Potironne, LLC” col3contentblock=”Helen and her team have handled my shipping demands for 10 years – reliably, and professionally. Yet no matter how much they grow, NotableLogistics feels like my own in-house shipping department. My unique demands, ever-changing, are always met with confident flexibility, “You bet we can do that!” Really, a great company.” col4name=”A. Rademacher, President of Sales” col4company=”Stem Footwear” col4contentblock=”I just want to take time to compliment you guys on your IMPRESSIVE work. We get compliments from all over the internet about our impeccable delivery time and personalized customer service. Last week, I was speaking with our best customer. They just love that they can put in a small fill-in order on our website and they will get an email that same day that it has been shipped. And it will be at their door no more than 2 days later! That’s impressive gentlemen. Thank you so much.” namecolor=”#0cdf82″][testimonial_block_item col1name=”Rob Conley” col1company=”Zoe” col1contentblock=”There are companies that promise to do a great job and then there are companies that actually keep that promise. Sweetwater has been an excellent partner and I credit a lot of our success to the support that their TEAM provides. We value our relationship. RC” col2name=”Ager Ang” col2company=”Ager Flooring” col2contentblock=”THANK YOU Thank you for your great service. Impressive delivery and customer service, always responsive to our queries. Reliable and honest business. A big note of appreciation to Steve and Sweetwater!” col3name=”Nicky McLister” col3company=”Copytrax Technologies UK Limited” col3contentblock=”The fantastic friendly team at NotableLogistics have helped us out no end. I have sometimes saddled them with some seemingly impossible tasks and they have performed brilliantly at anything we have thrown at them.” col4name=”Richard Newlove MD” col4company=”Amina Technologies Ltd” col4contentblock=”We were introduced to the super Notablelogistics team when our previous freight forwarder were unable to help us make air shipments of magnetic parts. Ben and his team were not at all phased by the problem of shipping this category of hazardous material, and were fully able to explain the constraints and help us work through the process allowing us to make such shipments on a regular basis. SuS Cargo logistics now handle all our freight, both export and import supply chain, with absolute precision. Their response times and incredibly friendly interaction and advice are second to none.” namecolor=”#0cdf82″][/testimonial_block]