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Our warehouse logistics facilities ensure the best possible storage and management of your goods.

NotableLogistics offers logistic and bonded warehousing services at its warehouses with a total area of 150.000 square meters in İstanbul, Madrid, Ankara, İzmir, Ontario and Accra.

In all warehouses, receiving, addressing, collecting and loading the goods are processed through RF terminals and they are easily tracked with a warehouse management system, developed in-house

All warehouses are designed in shelves and addressed stocking system and all equipments are available. Different shelves are also applied according to the requirements of customers and projects.

NotableLogistics is the logistic service provider of many national and multi –national companies with its experienced personnel, equipment investment and it infrastructure.

NotableLogistics Total Warehouse Solutions

Key performance indicators are continuously monitored via warehouse management system developed exclusively for NotableLogistics and the customers are regularly informed.

At all the warehouses, 24/7 security, fire precautions on international standards and insurance against any risk are all available.



Escort could be vehicular or foot escort. Whichever way and form it is needed, you can be sure that NotableLogistics will not let you down in any way. We have well trained men who are able to adapt to any situation to provide you with the escort that you need during events and gatherings.


The policy offers protection from all types of fire, lightning, full explosion, earthquake, impact, riot, strikes, all types of water damage, theft and falling trees. Terrorism may be included on request as an extension.


We have enough storage space at all our warehouses to serve your special needs.

Warehousing Solutions Provider

Working more closely with transportation functions in supply chain, warehousing and distribution can make or break the effectiveness of your entire supply network. Warehouses and distribution centres are among the most costly elements in the entire chain, and a wrong decision on size, location or design can cost the business much more than just the building of the warehouse itself. In the modern world, where economies and countries change quickly, a more flexible warehouse and distribution strategy may be needed. If, for example, a warehouse location was chosen for proximity to a source of supply, that supply may change or dry up if it is a commodity – leaving the business with a costly asset it cannot use, as well as a lack of capital to address the issue. Flexible and innovative warehousing and distribution planning takes these changes into account in ensuring that costs are controlled and service levels to your customers are preserved and improved upon.

We offer our clients an uncomplicated service taking care of their all round logistics requirements, giving them the freedom to focus on other core aspects of their business.

Our Unique Offers

We pride ourselves on our excellent customer track record and flexibility with the services we offer our clients.


Services we offer in warehouses

Receiving goods and quality control


Warehousing and stock management

A warehouse stands empty without some form of product. Delivery of goods and materials takes place either by truck, rail, or boat on a dock or loading area. The goods are received, processed, and then sent into the warehouse for storage.


The Inventory Control Systems we offer

Inventory control in terms of FIFO, LIFO, LOT, serial number, production date and expiration date


Annual and periodic inventory count

No effort is made to determine the cost of goods sold until an actual count of the inventory is completed. At that point the actual value of the inventory is known and the cost of goods sold can then be calculated using the formula:

Our Current Network

We manage a national fleet of secondary delivery vehicles at major stockholding facilities and cross dock facilities. Our over 168 trucks boast best-of-breed technologies, and are also equipped with GPS systems that allow tracking of goods, temperature checks and real-time alerts to our transportation control tower.

NotableLogistics’ resources include a team of transport and warehouse engineers, project managers, an IT team to customise systems, as well as a continuous improvement team and a sizeable support structure from the global company. As a global business, NotableLogistics has the infrastructure, technical skills and depth of resource to take new and tailored solutions to market quickly and easily.

This sector requires the ability to manage flows from factory to client, with very high-quality standards in terms of respecting environmental standards. Associated with co-packing or postponement, the logistics services provided frequently lead to overall management of the supply chain. Our global team has delivered services to clients such as Pepsico, Panzani, Beiersdorf, Danone, P&G and PPG, offering different products but always with a focus on logistical flows and excellence.

Anticipating the unpredictability of orders by guaranteeing a no-fault no-delay end customer promise are the everyday challenges facing pure-play operators and multi-channel specialists. Vente-Privée, Cdiscount,, Nespresso and Leroy Merlin sell a wide range of products but have the same requirements in terms of speed and excellence of execution.


The speed of introducing new products to the market is a key requirement of the sector. Managing import flows from outside Europe, co-packing a very large number of units in record time and shipping them at the same time to different distribution channels are challenges faced every minute. Bouygues Telecom, Sony Electronique, Fuji, Avenir Telecom have entrusted their logistics to ID Logistics.


This sector is characterised by management of import and export flows worldwide, customs management, secure warehouses, precision in the management of products for a very large number of products stored, flat or hanging. It is vital to be able to adapt resources to seasonal volumes and sale periods. Chloé, Cortefield, Le Coq Sportif, Puma, Kiabi and CWF have placed their trust in ID Logistics.

Cosmetic & Fragrance

This sector is characterised by automated order picking expertise in luxury or high-value added products. Highly flexible resources are needed in order to adapt to the seasonal nature of these products while also maintaining lasting high quality standards. Prestigious clients include Guerlain, Elizabeth Arden, Coty, Marionnaud, Loreal and Puig.

Secondary Distribution

We manage a national fleet of secondary delivery vehicles at major stockholding facilities and cross dock facilities. Our over 168 trucks boast best-of-breed technologies, and are also equipped with GPS systems that allow tracking of goods, temperature checks and real-time alerts to our transportation control tower.

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